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Hi, this blog is about how to update TP-Link AC1750 firmware. I am going to share simple and easy steps to update the AC1750 Wi-Fi router. Please make sure the steps are going to work only for TP-Link AC1750, if you want to know about other models then you can contact the support team at +1-844-854-6817 Toll-Free phone number. Some router models have more than one hardware version for the same model. So, I request you to check the hardware version of your device. It’s officially recommended by the TP-Link to use the same firmware version as specified according to the router’s model. Otherwise, if you install the wrong version of firmware especially for AC1750 then you might need to purchase a new one.TP-Link AC1750 Firmware Update

now download


Question: How to check TP-Link’s hardware version of your current router?

Answer: Please click here (Check Now) to check the hardware version.

Points to take care off before updating TP-Link AC1750 Firmware:

  • Don’t use a wireless connection to update/upgrade your AC1750 router
  • Don’t switch off or unplug the Ethernet cable while updating/upgradations are in the process

TP-Link AC1750 Firmware Update

Steps to update TP-Link AC1750 Firmware:

Step 1. Check and download the latest version of firmware for your device.

Don’t know where to download the latest firmware from? No Problem. Click on the download button below;

now download

Step 2. Once the file is downloaded, extract it to install the latest firmware.

Step 3. Login into TP-Link AC1750 admin page

Question: How to login into TP-Link’s admin page

Answer: Click this link (Check Now) to check steps to login into TP-Link router’s admin page

Step 4. Click on >> System Tools >> Firmware upgrade/Firmware

Step 5. Click on >> Browse/Choose file, select the extracted file from Step 1

Step 6. Click on Upgrade, then TP-Link AC1750 will reboot automatically once the upgrade is finished.

Step 7. Click Status, check if the router’s firmware is upgraded or not.

Still facing any issue, then contact the support team at Toll-Free number to get a solution for it. Soon going to update more articles on the same topic. Bookmark this blog for updates. I hope this article helped you to resolve your issue. If you still need to ask more, please submit your comment, we will respond with a solution within 24 hours of the comment being posted.

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