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Problem: Netgear’s Orbi router and extender mesh system allow users to access high-speed internet at every corner of the house. Orbi, is the sub-product of Netgear. Usually, the quality of all products by Netgear is up to the mark. It has tri-band Wifi technology which delivers better signal strength and bandwidth. Orbi’s mesh system designed to throw signals at deprived areas in the house like the basement, outdoor near swimming pool, etc. As a result, Orbi users get an overall fast and reliable internet connection.

Orbi routers are very easy to set up and manage using the Orbi Login dashboard or Orbilogin.com. One of my friends had Orbi RBR50 and Orbi Satellite, his router was getting disconnected after every 20-30 seconds and moreover, he was unable to access any other website expect YouTube.com. As a result, he tried to reset the Orbi not working router to get this issue resolved and that quick fix worked out well. The issue was resolved by resetting the Orb router. I don’t know this is a perfect solution or not but for sure that is a solution you can shot too. The Orbi router reset will and restore default settings. That might result in a solution if the issue was created by the misconfiguration of the Orbi router. I have shared the steps to reset your Orbi WiFi router. Please check below.

Orbi Not Working

How to reset the Orbi not working router?

Note: Orbi router reset will result in loss of all personalized settings and Wifi credentials.

  1. Please make sure the Orbi router is powered on and connected to the continues electrical power supply.
  2. Using anything like a paper clip or etc. press and hold the Reset button till the Power LED starts blinking amber color.
  3. The Orbi device is reset now

I hope the reset steps would help you to resolve the issue but if you are still facing this same issue or want support on any other issue related to Netgear and Orbi then you can contact the support team at +1-844-854-6817 (Toll-Free) Phone Number.

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