TP-Link Extender Setup

TP-Link extender setup could become a plodding task to accomplish if you are not acquainted with how range extender works. There are generally three main networking types of equipment that are associated with the internet in our home and office spaces. Modem, router, and extender. All of the three devices are used to full fill … Read more

TP-Link Firmware Update | Upgrade

What is the TP-Link Firmware Update? TP-Link is a router and extender manufacturer company. It deals with all types of networking equipment and hardware used in networking. Our devices we use like smartphones, printers, scanners, routers, extenders, modems, etc. have some set of protocols. These protocols or we can say a set of rules define … Read more

TP-Link AC1750 Firmware Update | Download Link

Hi, this blog is about how to update TP-Link AC1750 firmware. I am going to share simple and easy steps to update the AC1750 Wi-Fi router. Please make sure the steps are going to work only for TP-Link AC1750, if you want to know about other models then you can contact the support team at … Read more